Title: Negative effects of CPAP therapy

CPAP therapy is known to provide a constant airflow to the upper airway of the OSA sufferer keeping it open so that the oxygen freely flows to the lungs for uninterrupted breathing.

Based on the type of individual sleep apnea needs, the air is passed through the mouth, nose, or at times both. As per the researcher’s CPAP therapy and travel CPAP machines with humidifier decreases daytime drowsiness, mostly in people with moderate to severe sleep apnea issues.

Constant and correct usage of CPAP devices enhances good quality sleep, making users feel much more energized, alert and content. It significantly improves the lifestyle of a user and sleeps partners as well because of lesser disturbances from snoring sounds and gasps for air that is most common in people with sleep apnea problem.

Although CPAP therapy can significantly improve the OSA disorder and enhances the quality of sleep, it is wise to understand the other side as well. There is no denying the fact that CPAP therapy can change the life of sufferers, however, the breathing machine for sleep apnea can be troublesome too, if not used properly. The usage varies depending upon the consistency and the right selection of several CPAP machines for sale. Few users take a lot of time getting used to wearing a mask at night and they generally lose patience to continue the treatment.

Some of the most common negative effects of CPAP therapy are given below:

  • Frequent Bloating
  • Waking up with dry mouth & sore throat
  • Constant nose and throat irritation
  • Frequent nasal congestion and blockages
  • Severe headaches in the mornings
  • Sores and at times marks on the face
  • Feeling of claustrophobia

Most of the patients suffering from OSA need time to get adjusted with the usage of the CPAP mask on the face as it causes slight discomfort by the continuous feel of the air pressure delivered by the CPAP device. Depending on the user, this time varies from person to person. Some just take a couple of weeks whereas the others might take months to get adjusted. It’s commonly recommended for the patient’s starting CPAP therapy to have patience and continue with therapy to see the results. Not giving up on the treatment and persistence goes long way in CPAP therapy. This process of adjustment is different for each patient based on the unique symptoms, and experience with sleep apnea. Looking at the best options for breathing machine for sleep apnea and choosing the customized options like travel CPAP machines with a humidifier for travelers, as per the individual needs helps in treating the condition best.


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