AirMini HumidX Filters for ResMed AirFit / AirTouch F20 Full Face Masks – 3pk


3 per pack

How it works

As the patient exhales, heat and moisture are captured and stored within HumidX’s tiny ridges. When the patient inhales, this heat and moisture is released to provide warm and comfortable air throughout the night.

Technology reinvented

Unlike other CPAP waterless humidification systems, ResMed’s Humidx solution is inserted between the patient and the vent. This allows to capture the air’s warmth and humidity before it escapes through the tube’s built-in vent.*This minimises heat and moisture loss, enabling AirMini to deliver portable humidification at a similar level to traditional bedside devices.**


* HumidX and HumidX Plus are only compatible with AirFit N20, AirTouch N20, AirFit N30 and P10 for AirMini masks. HumidX F20 is only compatible with AirFit F20 and AirTouch F20 masks.

** In a typical dry, overnight environment, with a temperature of 16-22°C and Relative Humidity (RH) of 20-30%, the HumidX provides humid air of 70-80% RH, similar to a CPAP heated humidifier on a mid-range setting with unheated tubing.