IntelliPAP Auto Bilevel w/ Heated Humidifier


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The IntelliPAP Auto Bilevel with Heated Humidifier by DeVilbiss

Model: DV57D-HH IntelliPAP Auto Bilevel

Introducing the latest addition to the IntelliPAP line – the IntelliPAP Auto Bilevel system incorporates the comfort of AutoAdjust® and Bilevel Technology to deliver comfortable therapy, particularly at higher prescription pressures.  The IntelliPAP AutoBilevel automatically adjusts to the user’s pressure requirements on both inhalation and exhalation, using the unique DeVilbiss AutoAdjust algorithm featuring event set measurement.

Features Patented SmartCode for remote collection of Efficacy and Usage Data. Patent US 8649510

What’s Included

The following items are included in the DeVilbiss IntelliPAP system:

  • IntelliPAP device
  • Spare filter pack
  • AC line cord
  • Carrying case
  • Air supply tubing
  • Instruction guide
  • Educational DVD

Model Numbers

IntelliPAP AutoBilevel

IntelliPAP AutoBilevel and Heated Humidification System

IntelliPAP AutoBilevel, Heated Humidification System, SmartLink Module, and data card

IntelliPAP AutoBilevel, SmartLink Module and data card

Pressure Settings 3-25 cm H20
While Breathing Compliance  Yes
Event Detection  Yes
Flow Rounding® Pressure Transition Relief  Yes
IPAP Rounding  Range: 0-5, increments of 1
EPAP Rounding  Range: 0-5, increments of 1
Fixed Pressure Support Adjustable from 0-12 cm H20
Trigger Sensitivity
Inspiratory  Range: 1-10, increments of 1
Expiratory  Range: 1-10, increments of 1
Automatic Leak Compensation Yes
Remote Control Capabilities Yes
Onboard Filter Clean Reminder Yes
Onboard Compliance Quick Code SmartCode®
Therapy Management Software SmartLink®
Detailed Usage Data SmartLink
Data Transfer via Memory Card SmartLink
Remote Compliance Data Retrieval SmartCode
Remote Efficacy Data Retrieval SmartCode
Delay Pressure  Range: 3 cm H2O to EPAP (or CPAP), increments of 0.5
Delay Time 0 to 45 minutes in 5-minute increments
Auto ON and Auto OFF Yes
Visual Mask Off Alert Yes
Product Weight 4.45 lbs with heated humidification system
Product Width 6.5 in.
Product Length/Depth 8.4 in.
Product Height 6.4 in.


Additional information

Weight 4.45 lbs
Dimensions 8.4 × 6.5 × 6.4 in


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