Lumin UV Sanitizer


 Lumin Bullet NOT included

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Quick 5 Min Cleaning

The Lumin CPAP cleaner works by emitting high energy light within a narrow spectrum referred to as UV. The Lumin relies on a low-pressure, mercury-arc lamp designed to produce the highest amounts of UV light – where 90% of energy is generated around 254nm.

Patient Friendly

The 5 minute ozone FREE cleaning cycle with no need for water or chemicals. Makes Lumin an easy choice for CPAP mask and accessory cleaning.

UV Light

Lumin operates using a form of high energy light, providing quick cleaning of your CPAP accessories


Clean your CPAP mask and accessories with no residue or chemicals.

3B Lumin CPAP Cleaner Features and Benefits:

  • Safely and Effectively Disinfects CPAP Equipment Fast
  • Available for Non–CPAP Sanitization Use
  • Easy–to–Use Design
  • Quick, Five-Minute Cycle
  • Effective UV Light System
  • No Scheduled Replacement Items
  • Ozone-Free and No Harmful Chemicals

Available for Non-CPAP Sanitization Use

The Lumin sanitizer can also sanitize any non–living item that fits inside the sanitization tray. Common items that require frequent cleanings—like phones, keys, toothbrushes, or even N95 respirators—can be used inside the Lumin, making it one of the most versatile CPAP cleaners on the market.



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