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“Just because we have to wear the MASK all night
does not mean we have to wear the MARKS
 all morning.”

Treatment for Sleep Apnea has its challenges. Choosing the right mask, adjusting to the air
pressures, and the change of lifestyle are just a few things we have to do.
CPAP masks can be uncomfortable and leave marks, they can leak or move out of place
during the night. The headgear straps can cause discomfort or irritation.

These are common complaints and reasons for non-adherence of treatment.  Overcoming
these challenges is so worthwhile for the long term health benefits of CPAP therapy.

The straps on the headgear can be made more comfortable and the marks on your face can
be mostly, if not completely, prevented with PAD A CHEEK  products. We are only in
business to help you succeed with your CPAP.