XT Auto with Heated Humidifier


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XT series is one of the smallest CPAP in the market. Its palm-sized and light weight design lends itself well to travel. However, it delivers the same effective therapy as the larger machines, includes useful features like easy ramp settings, automatic altitude adjustment, leak compensation and data collection by SD card. And now, enhanced pressure stability and the clinically proven algorithm make the New XT series even more comfortable, with the introduction of the PVA pressure relief function.


  • Palm-sized design including power supply
  • Easy to use interface
  • Clinically proven auto-adjusting algorithm
  • PVA pressure relief function*
  • SD card & USB port for efficacy data retrieval
  • Built-in alarm clock function
Compact Size Built-in Power Supply Easy-to-Use Interface SD Card
XT’s palm-size design makes it easy to be packed into carry-on luggage. No need to carry an extra external power supply, which is perfect for travel. The LCD display with backlit is clear to read, and the intuitive user interface is easy to use. The SD card provides a simple way to record patient’s data and remotely update the pressure setting.


Heater & Humidifier
XT Heated Humidifier is integrated with XT series CPAP system. It has 6 heating levels to provide the most optimal humidification according to individual needs. The large reservoir capacity ensures sufficient humidification for 8 hour sleep。