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Cpap for sleep apnea

When you have decided to go for the CPAP therapy to treat the obstructive sleep apnea, the important task is to choose the best breathing machine for sleep apnea based on the features. Here is the list of features that you should look while buying one.

  • Selection of the mask:  To find the perfect mask is the most difficult aspect of CPAP device selection. Go for the right size based on your preferences and fit.

After finding the right mask that fits users comfortably, they will need to determine the right pressure and humidity settings to set the CPAP machine at best. Generally, during the first few nights, the user might be highly tempted to take off the mask owing to the high discomfort. It is recommended to continue therapy consistently for the best results. Using the CPAP machine with the right settings in place, the users can get good sleep with assured results.


  • The noise of CPAP:  Nowadays manufacturers are making CPAP machines that are whisper quiet, however noise levels makes an important decision factor. If you are someone who is very particular about the sound, do check the decibel levels of various machines before choosing the right one.
  • Selection based on humidifier: If you are a continuous traveler, travel CPAP machines with humidifier is the best option for you. They ensure that the air is continuously blown into the airways to avoid dry, irritated airways. Many CPAP machines these days come with built-in humidifiers while some has a separate, connecting unit.
  • Portability feature: Frequent travelers always look for a small, lightweight, and compact machine among the variety of sleep apnea machines for sale. It is best to consider this feature along with plug-in adapters such as a DC power supply and an option to use portable battery.
  • Ramp feature: One of the important features to consider in the CPAP machine for sale is a ramp that helps in adapting to the immediate airflow of the pressure settings, especially for someone having moderate to severe sleep apnea, requiring relatively high pressure. A ramp feature build up the prescribed pressure for the comfortable use.
  • Feature of mask On/Off Alert: For some light sleepers who move a lot during night running the risk of it coming off or losing its seal, the feature of an alert in the masks that beeps to wake the sleeper comes very handy.
  • Leak Compensation features:  An important feature in the sleep apnea machines for sale is to choose machines with the feature of compensating the leakage in mask due to any by increasing the airflow to make sure that you user is getting the recommended pressure at all times.
  • Recording data feature:  Many breathing machine for sleep apnea these days come with various capabilities of recording data. This feature enables the CPAP device record information such as machine usage time at night, and other detailed information about apnea, hypopnea, changes in pressure, leak rates, and other information on snoring etc.

These features help users in deciding the best CPAP device from the many that are available in the market.

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