I  told Sleep Apnea CPAP Supplies about my symptoms, knowing that I had sleep apnea.  We talked about the problem quit a few times, how I go about getting a sleep study and equipment.  I went for a sleep study and found out  that I do have sleep apnea.  I also found out that my insurance only covered the study and not the equipment.   So, I contacted Sleep Apnea CPAP Supplies, and not only did they give me a great price on a CPAP machine and mask, they brought all the equipment to my work and went over everything with me there.  Since that time I have been feeling so much better, I’m not tired and sleepy during the day, I have more energy, and I am finally getting a good nights sleep.  Also, my wife notices the difference as well.  So, thank you so much for your help and fantastic customer service!