It was so wonderful to work with Sleep Apnea CPAP Supplies on selecting my CPAP and mask.  They showed me how to operate the machine and clean the mask, answering all of my questions with excellent professionalism and patience.  Within a few months of using the vpap, I lost 30 pounds and my muscle aches went away.  Even better, at my next physical I no longer had high cholesterol!


I would highly recommend Sleep Apnea CPAP Supplies for their wonderful service.  They truly care about their customers and work hard to find the best equipment possible for their needs.  I have referred many patients over the years for CPAP treatment to other providers with mixed results.  However, after working with Sleep Apnea CPAP Supplies on my own CPAP, I began recommending Sleep Apnea CPAP Supplies to all of my patients.  They have been equally impressed and pleased with their services and have had great success with the equipment they suggest.